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Behaviour Driven Automated Testing

Are you tired of manual regression testing or scared and confused with code based automated tests? 

The Testing Blaze Automation Solution offers a Robust, Smart and Out of box automation framework. You can write test cases and code in plain english which enables all stakeholder including business , management and others to understand the test cases like any user story and requirement. It is well equipped with latest technologies and smart multi device and browser controls which are accessible from a single point.

Automate & Run Anywhere

The Testing Blaze Automation Solution brings the universe of open source technologies embedded and architectured in the smartest and most innovative ways to make the automated testing experience easy , interactable and cost effective. 

The solution provides intelligent processing , automatic switching to contexts, parameterized integration with cucumber and various other out of box utilities to ensure maximum stability , fast track automation and less maintenance efforts. 


Intelligent Processing

The element pre-action processing, auto scrolling, auto iframe/tabs switching, auto retrying & Self Healing of tests provides an intelligent mechanism to enhance the automation experience.

Graphical Report

A well crafted test execution report with excellent navigation options and graphical analysis. The report is integrated with an AI based analyzer for quick review after execution.

Add Ons

  • Run tests on any device.

  • Run tests in parallel.

  • Run tests on cloud & docker.

  • Record test execution videos.

  • Increase/decrease test execution speed.

  • Select OS & switch environments.

  • Run tests for performance testing.

  • Integration with jenkins & report emailing.

  • Post test results to TFS/Jira.

  • Special integration with cucumber to handle dynamic attributes & inputs.

Write Test Case & Code in Behavioural Language

Write Test Cases and Code in human readable language which enables less technical stakeholders to take control of testing activities. It is a single access point solution which enables you to run any test on all type of browsers/apps on any device(Computers/Mobiles).

The Future

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